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NOTE: The following information has been provided by Red Hat, but is outside the scope of our posted Service Level Agreements ( ) and support procedures. The information is provided as-is and any  configuration settings or installed applications made from the  information in this article could make your Operating System unsupported  by Red Hat Support Services. The intent of this article is to provide  you with information to accomplish your system needs. Use the  information in this article at your own risk.


  • Red Hat Network (RHN) does not contain Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.9 installation ISOs.[1]


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 without access to Red Hat Network


  • Create a Reference System that connects to Red Hat Network and downloads the latest RHEL 4 packages. Those downloaded packages are then used to upgrade the Target System from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.9 without connecting to Red Hat Network.
  • Reference System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 installed and connected to Red Hat Network

  • Target System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 installed but not connected to Red Hat Network

  • It is assumed that the Reference System is identical or similar to the Target System, including architecture type. If they cannot be similar, it is recommended that the Reference System be an @everything installation to minimize missed package updates.

Reference System Setup
  • Issue the following commands as root user on the Reference System after installing a base Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 system from Red Hat Network.
  • Ensure there are no previously downloaded RPMs on the system:

rm -rf /var/spool/up2date/*

  • Download all available updates (including those on the "skip" list) from RHN and stores them in /var/spool/up2date :

up2date -u -v -d -f

  • Transfer the downloaded packages to an empty mounted device for later use on the Target System:

cp /var/spool/up2date/*.rpm /media/flash_drive

Target System Setup
  • Perform the following actions as root user on the Target System after completing the previous steps with the Reference System.
  • Mount the device containing the updated packages.

  • Edit the /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources file with the following:

... #up2date default 
dir rhel49 /media/flash_drive


By modifying/including these commands, the default search directory is disabled, and is replaced with the local mounted device.

  • Import the RPM GPG key:

rpm --import /usr/share/rhn/RPM-GPG-KEY

  • Update all packages (including the kernel) on the Target System:

up2date -uf

  • Reboot the system.

[1]  The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Life Cycle entered Production 3 Phase on 16-Feb-2011 with the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.9. No new features, hardware support or updated installation images (ISOs) are released during the Production 3 phase. Refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Support Policy for details on the life cycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases.

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